The commitment of a visionary and enthusiast man, the birth of a successful present.

Romet is characterized by efficient production thanks to our experience. But above all, it is sustained by the quality, training and dedication of its human resources.

We are currently one of the main Argentine suppliers of OEM auto parts, developing locally the components that make up the products we market.

At Establecimientos Romet we love what we do, we believe in our people, we take care of our customers and we put a bet on the country. Our products are present in more than 40 nations.

Our history

Our founder, Roque Chine, starts up the first plant of the company.

It does so in the José León Suarez area, based on the production of Stamped Parts for Ford.

Inauguration of the assembly plant, developing vital mechanisms.

Starting the manufacturing projects of pedalboards and hood locks.

We became the first auto part supplier in Argentina.

We designed an assembly line inside Volkswagen. Toyota incorporated as customer.

We opened the welding plant, one of the hinge decisions for the company.

We started to make assembled and welded sets. We expand the range of products.

The trust and support of our customers allows us to continue growing.

Expansion plan outside the Argentine borders. We managed to open up a field in the international market.

We moved our assembly and welding lines to a new plant,

Based in Benavidez, it has Assembly, Welding and Stamping Lines.

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