assembled sets


  • Orbital or stamped
  • riveting.
  • Threaded.
  • Screwed.
  • Manual Assemblies.
  • Adhesive.
  • Cross car beam.
  • Fuel filler opening.
  • Bonnet, trunk and rear door lock.
  • Manual and electric window lifters.
  • Selectors
  • Gate limiters
  • Door Module


The assembly processes are analyzed in detail by the Engineering, Quality and Production areas to achieve a good distribution of the production process, under basic ergonomic concepts. But for this, the quality of the components that reach the reception area is of vital importance, which are selected, rationalized and duly identified. As a preventive measure, we design poka-yoke systems as well as a part control area. The assembly devices are developed by our engineering and design department, in order to offer reliable processes (reliable) to the quality of our parts. We make assemblies of our own components as well as of components consigned by the terminals.