The assembly processes are deeply analyzed by the Engineer, Quality and Production departments in order to get the best distribution under an ergonomic concept. Eventhoug, it is vital to focus on the reception, selection and identification of each component. As a preventive measure, not only we develop poka-yoke systems but also a control area for visual check. All the assembly devices and lines are developed by our Engineer and design department, in order to get the most reliable process for high-quality assemblies. We do assemble our own components and consigned by the customers.


  • Orbital Riveting
  •  riveting joining
  •  Threading
  •  Torquing process
  •  Manual Assemblies
  •  Adhesive


  • Cross car beam
  • Fuel filler opening
  •  Lock assy Hood
  • Lock Luggage
  • Lock assy Back Door
  • Window regulator (Electric and Manual)
  • Shifter
  • Pedal Box
  • Door check
  • Door Module



Romet has a dedicated area for welding processes, where qualify welders carry on arc welding, filler material welding, spot and projection welding.

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Cover Disk


We carry on all the stamping process at our plant located in Jose Leon Suarez. We have 30 press in total, from 30 to 800 tons.

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