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The origin of a successfully present was the commitment of an enthusiastic man with a clear vision for the future.

ESTABLECIMIENTOS ROMET is a familiar company that manufactures and sells autoparts to the main automotive terminals in Argentina since 1982. Its founder Roque Chine, who had already an extensive experience in the automotive industry, launches the first stamping plant of the company which took place in José León Suarez, Buenos Aires. Throughout the years, based on a good reputation and going along with the industry´s growth, a new assembly plant was opened in 1992. In this plant, we started producing some of our current core-products, the pedal boxes and lock assy hood. In 1998, Establecimientos Romet became the first supplier in design and develops an assembly line inside an automotive terminal.

By 2001, despite the economic crisis in Argentina, Romet has taken one of the most significant decisions in its history. It has decided to expand its range of product and inaugurated a welding plant that allowed the company to produce assembled and welded products. This is how Romet from different and complementary processes, managed to offer in the industry a complete range of products. The trust and support received from our customers has allowed us to feed our company´s growth. Hence in 2011 we moved our assembly and welding lines to a new plant located in Benavidez. This new plant not only has all the technology required to reach the most stringent quality & environmental standards, but also has a strategic

location that provides a much better competitiveness against the market.
Romet is distinguished by its efficient production based on our expertise. But mainly, it is sustained by the quality, training and dedication of its human resources. Nowadays, we are one of the main Argentinean OEM supplier, developing the 99% of the components locally. In Establecimientos Romet, we love what we do, we trust in our people, we care for our customers and we are deeply committed to our country.



M2 Covered

Years of experience

Planta 1 - Benavidez


This plant has 7.500 m² covered, and is where we have the assembly lines and welding process, also the dispatch area to our clients.

Planta 2 - Jose¦ü Leo¦ün  Suarez


In this plant we carry on the stamping process of all our range of products and components. It has 3.500m² covered with more than 30 press, the strongest one has 800tns.

Planta 3 - Jose¦ü Leo¦ün Suarez

Plant 3: TOOL SHOP

It has 500m² covered and is where we design and make the toolings for production.