Our plants

In Establecimientos Romet we love what we do, we believe in our people, we take care of our customers and we put a bet on the country.


With 7.500m² covered, it hosts assembly and welding of kits lines. From there we dispatch to our clients. It is just meters away from the factories of Ford and Volkswagen, giving us a privileged place for logistics and coordination.

Counts with 22000m2 y 7000m2 built.

5 cells of automated welds.

Assembly and welding stations.

Storage and dispatch of finished parts.

*Announce to the guard that your destination is the ROMET plant.

Jose Leon Suarez

It has 3.500m² covered, there all products and components are stamped. It has more than 30 presses and rockers, with a capacity of up to 800tn.

Counts with 4000m2 and 3500m2 builts​​

Dedicated to the process of stamping and moulding

52 Presses and rockers ranging from 30 to 800 tn

Direct supplier of Pacheco