Internal matrix

  • Efficient scheduling.
  • Quick response in the maintenance of tools.
  • Application of rapid improvement plans with management teams.


  • Makes it possible to recreate small prototype parts.
  • It allows making modifications required by customer engineering in production parts.
  • Verification of functionality.


  • Greater efficiency and precision in component delivery and receipt times.
  • It makes it possible to offer Just in Time services.
  • Commitment to quality in delivery.


  • We are qualified in ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 standards, the latter granted by the Vanzolini Foundation.
  • We comply with the highest quality standards.

Internal metrology

  • Fully equipped metrology room according to the Design Programs used by clients.
  • We have a 3D measuring machine, a beacon arm that allows us to measure “in situ” any type of matrix, gauge devices, measurement and test equipment.

Production capacity

  • We adapt to different scenarios continuously.
  • We have suppliers with the same conscience.
  • We respond according to the production requirements of our clients, with availability and space for each capacity request, new programs and location opportunities.


life cycling

  • Lift Electric / Manual Crystals.
  • Bonnet locks.
  • Parking brakes.
  • Brake / clutch pedal boards.

weld penetration

  • Preparation of specimens.
  • Cut.
  • Polished.
  • Microscope measurement.

sound level

  • Decibelmeter with FFT analysis.
    Sound Analyzer TES-1358


Work table:

  • X – 1000 mm
  • Y – 2000 mm
  • Z –  715 mm 

hardness measurement and operational stresses

  • Rockell Durometer.
  • Shore A Durometer.
  • Dynamometers 0-30N, 0-100N, 0-500N.

thickness measurement

  • Surface treatment.
  • EDDY current thickness gauge.